Doctors Don’t Use Reddit

Just saying.

They also don’t use

Quora and honestly

It’s extremely, extraordinarily easy

To pretend as if you are a doctor

On any of those platforms, including

Countless others.

You know what’s

Especially alarming ?

A lot of people

Trans or not

Are relying on

The internet for their healthcare,

Never once doubting

The simplistic, fatphobic dialogue

Never once doubting

The most optimistic of trans blogs —

If you are like me,

An idiot who actually sees

His endocrinologist regularly

Who actually goes to

A real fucking doctor—

You probably also know

How common it is

For some jackass

Who reads

Marks daily apple /primal blueprint

To give you advice on

Health and nutrition

And how

Anyone who is fat

Eats too much and sits too often

And how

Eating coconut oil

Will magically make

You look good naked—

Even if all you get

Is gallstones and a tummy ache.

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