I will say it was

Very, very easy for the majority of critics

To come to the conclusion that Nikocado Avocado

Was gaining weight and doing disgusting things

Because it resulted in more traffic and more views

It incentivized his transition from vegan

To living breathing fatphobic meme

And somehow

It’s completely against the rules

To even suggest

That anyone on YouTube

Who identifies as trans

Is incentivized by the traffic boost they receive

When they get to add more tag words, and perhaps

Get even wider traffic

From being cancelled.

It’s totally blasphemous

To even suggest or consider

That anyone could have ever

Or would have ever

Had surgery or done any sort of


All because it’s what’s trending.

It’s against the rules to call anyone a transtrender, because

It is ridiculous to say anything about anyone

Based on their looks—

But no one seems to acknowledge

The elephant in the room—

They aren’t Transtrenders because

Of the way they look, they’re Transtrenders

Because of the Seo boost

People like Kalvin Garrah who

Only get traffic by getting cancelled

Inspiring the spin off series of

Brennan Beckwith, who honestly

Is shamelessly milking the cancellation as well.

It’s just whatever

It doesn’t matter

But honestly like

If you’re trans on the internet

But not irl—


Dolezal is more committed than you.

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