Don’t Judge Me

One more poem about her and I’ll stop.

Famous last words


I think if she blocks me forever

She’s making a mistake.

It’s her loss, as my mom says. 😅

I just think perhaps

…I am her soulmate?

Why wouldn’t she just let me pitch

I am somebody’s soulmate that’s for sure

When I meet and talk with people they get

Infected by my love instantaneously.

Not before I speak, never but

After, usually.

I do not feel insecure about my ability to flirt.

The issue I have often is

The desire to.

I stopped loving the one before her because she made me feel

Undesirable. That only makes sense.

The one I can’t get over is different

We never touched we never did anything we just

Sat and basked in our glory.

I guess I wasn’t as memorable but

How could anyone feel that magnitude

And not want to vibe with it?

I just know we are supposed to be together

Meeting her knocked me off my ass forever

I just

I just

I just

I know I am her soulmate lmfao

Don’t judge me.

Also our love destroyed my love previous

I’m sure of it

My cheating heart couldn’t fake it

I would lay awake at night and cry softly

I was heartbroken for months

She resented me for spending months

Crying over a “friendship”

I guess I was a coward ?

I guess I should’ve come forward.

Now I see it.

I should have told her I was in love with her

Broken it off

And done something different.

But — I didn’t.

I am faithful to a fault I have to commit

I am hard-shelled about this.

I waited until I knew I didn’t want her

I waited until I knew all I wanted was her

And now I’m ready

So I told her

And she blocked me

Why do I shoot myself in the foot so easily.

Meanwhile back at the ranch

I’m a man. I have man tits

I have a huge hairy beer belly and

Neither one of them want me anyway.

I should find people that match my future, not my past—

I should go forward, not back.

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