Drained vs. Draining

So Adele lost all that weight—

Timers ticking in society—

Also no joke

Where are the

Naked selfies…?

Same place my ex’s are

Same place every woman I know

Who has lost enough weight

To shift their frame and shift their skin —

My ex lost weight a decade ago now

Works full time as a personal trainer

Lives in constant state of weight-induced anxiety

Drugs herself and parties each weekend to help

Forget the weight anxiety but clearly it doesn’t help

For more than the weekend because she’ll be back

On Thursday at the latest.

Where are her naked selfies ?

She “can’t take them”

Or won’t.

She has sags and skin everywhere

Her tits are thin little pouches

That flop down to her belly button

Drained of their water.

Do you know what happens

To fat

When your body doesn’t need it anymore ?

Do you know what a fat cell is made up of

Primarily ?


You don’t burn fat, you drain it.

Where are Adele’s naked Instagram photos?

Like I said

Same place my exes are


Shame holds them for safe keeping

Men, with significant metabolic advantages

From their testosterone

Are usually the only folks who can get

The skin under control, and those folks

Often still have problems, and seek surgery.

Anyway, fat doesn’t burn

It drains.

Kinda like this topic of conversation.

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