How could I have left you if we don’t have

Property together. I’m a drifter.

I trespass and I leave when I’m

A bother, I don’t like being told to go

So I leave before I’m asked.

I’ve been wandering around desperately looking

For someone to notice when I leave but

You have to say something, please.

I can’t reciprocate what you don’t enunciate,

I am going to keep looking for someone

Who wants to keep me in one place.

Nobody wants an old love with weight they all

Crumble when I start to speak. My love has too much baggage now

I have no belongings but my past is heavy.

Just a word about it makes them worry.

So they talk to me with one eye outwards

Hope I find someone else to bore.

Don’t be mad if I leave without telling I am

Used to being shooed out the door.

How did I become so old.

When you are young and heartbroken you are

Endearing but when you are

Grown, it’s just frightening.

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