Driving All Night Because I Drove All Day

I drove all day today

All morning noon and evening

Now it’s night, that’s not day!

Now is a different time entirely

I thought in poems all day long

I wrote them in my blood stream

They circulated as thoughts

And coagulated as melodies

I wish I could’ve written them down

But I was busy driving, you see

Driving is an engaging activity

If you let it be

Poems came in

One, two, three

Simultaneous rhythms and

Percussive tirades of two against three

I listened to others’ music and poetry

And they all sounded like magic to me

I am so inspired

By the broken hearts that gathered courage

To fight, to sing, one more chart

One more try, one more time

Eventually, you’ll beg to stop

Some artists aren’t meant to be at the top

Exposed for the whole world to see

But as for me, I’m showbiz!


A star burning bright

My coat of many colors

Has cum all over it

“Don’t let anybody put out your fire”–

Said some jackass professor in college

Right. Dickface.

Like I could be extinguished

What do you think college did?

Light my little fire?

How cute

Lighting my little lantern

Haha right

A little lantern

More like a flamethrower built

To burn two dicks at once

Fucking firepower my ass

I’m a volcanic cunt

I got to where I went because of it

And I burned through every dickhead there

I wasn’t invited, I didn’t belong

But I conquered and I reigned

Extinguish my fire? Belittle my flame?

You’d be doing me a favor

I burn from the inside out

Magma is my mantra

Erupting hot lava

It’s not lava until it

Ejaculates. HAH.

My “fire” is bigger than your imagination,

You dumb sack of tits

Nobody could extinguish me

Not even the sea

As I said

I am a Volcanic cunt

Not to be confused with

Some petty groveling bic

Pit your pity somewhere where

When I destroy it and consume you

You would be surprised, annoyed

You’ll be blown away

Turned to ash, maybe a part of you will be

Caught in my tar pits

You’ll be lucky if I help

To immortalize you

And I’ll be lucky

If I survive this road trip in one peace

God, more driving

All day tomorrow

Morning, afternoon and evening

But at night,

I’m still broiling

Stuck on the road still,

Thinking and steaming and pressing

Processing new poems but

Unable to write them

Don’t let life put out your fire!

What if your fire is all-consuming?

Another poem for another

Road trip? No, I can’t live this way

I’ll try to take more breaks

But lava flows persistently

Just ask Pompeii

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