I’m very insecure about intelligence

People have been calling me a

Dumb fat bitch, treating me like

Nobody is home

Since grade school

At least.

Roxanne Gay mentioned

She is often treated with similar

Disrespect. I’m not her so

I wouldn’t know.

I’m me, though–

I wouldn’t recommend it

All y’all seem dumb as fuck

Irredeemably so

Maybe that’s why you’re always

Attacking me first

So nobody knows

You’re dumb as a bag of rocks

Dumber than even the fat bitch

Cracking jokes–

at your expense

Boy, that makes you pissed,

Doesn’t it?

Fat “girl” should know

She’s living on borrowed pretense.

Lately I’ve given up

On convincing people

Of the obvious things

Right in front of their faces

Things like

My humanity,

My intelligence,

Discipline and

Other decencies.

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