I’ve been trying to figure it out.

How is it that a community

Hell bent on correcting everyone’s personal views

On sexuality, gender, race, class, patriarchy ect.

Is completely unaware and unwilling

To acknowledge the many elephants

In the waiting room.

Elephants like me, fat tranny asshole—

Waiting in literal waiting rooms for

Years and years before GRS surgery—

Elephants like sex and gender on drag race—

Making all the amab trans people less of a boundary to break than an afab

Elephants like class and wealth as it is distributed

Across the queer community—unevenly—

How is it that those elephants

Are taboo

While all the other elephants

Are cute?

How many tricks do I have to learn

Before I’m thought of as an intelligent,

Social, sexual, reverent,

Spiritual creature?

How many bow ties does it take

Before they let Dumbo into the circus?

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