Easy To Catch/ED Sympathy and Fat Shaming/Fruit Ninja

It doesn’t benefit anyone

To fat shame but

It also doesn’t benefit anyone

To create community around

Eating disorders and give sympathy

To only the thinnest survivors.

It doesn’t make anyone healthy

To have a generalized anxiety disorder and

It doesn’t make you more masculine

To have a defined jawline just makes you

Look like a valuable person

To others. I wonder

What value means in today’s society

Where you can live successfully

On a zoom call, I wonder

What the point of all of the

Body policing is if the

Only people that get arrested are the ones

Who are easy to catch?

Doesn’t matter who you are,

If you’re fat, your problems are

The lowest hanging fruit and

A lot of people keep playing

Fruit ninja IRL, off the app.

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