Echo Chamberlings/Trans Redditors/“We” Speak For “They/Them”

People are quick to hate on Facebook about being

An echo chamber. They’ll be like

“Everyone there is friends with

People they already agree with

Sharing and posting things they

Already believe in”

And some of those motherfuckers will say

They prefer Reddit…!

Lmfao!! Imagine.

A website dedicated to

Sub threads that some insane asshats

Have turned into lifestyle communities.

I enjoy Reddit in some ways I have

Found tips I’ve used IRL and

I’ve enjoyed putting them to the test.

I also enjoy being a fly on the wall

Like everyone else.

I will say— however

That by design

Reddit is an echo chamber.

It’s designed

For echoing in.

It’s not designed

For individual thinking—

You get upvotes, downvotes, karma and coins—

The community that joined in

Will gladiator style

Determine your worthiness.

For some things—

Like house repair, software development

Random other things that aren’t

A lifestyle—

The non-community threads aren’t as bad

But the trans redditors

Use shit like


And speak for they/them.

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