I think maybe I want to try

Edging you sometime

You occasionally get insecure

About how long it takes you

When we do it a lot, very often

I think maybe the solution

Is for me to

Almost make you

Come whenever you

Get close, over and

Over and over again

Maybe then

you will understand that

I’m willing to wait

As long as it takes

And do as many

Different techniques

As it takes

To make you buckle your knees

If “edging” is what I have to call it,

Then let it be.

To me,

I can’t understand

What’s so edgy

What’s so revolutionary

About rubbing your clit


With my tongue

Until you come.

Oh right, I’m supposed

To withhold the orgasm !

Well, fortunately for this

Fancy-bullshit magazine technique

Both of us have enough complexes

To slow down our orgasms

“Naturally”, so-to-speak.

Sometimes, my turn even has

A bonus round of crying

Deny you orgasm?

I’d sooner die. Besides,

Sometimes the path

You take is long–

But it’s not out of my way

To drive you home.

Call it edging, call it

Modern feminism

Or some shit.

Seems pretty


To me.

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