Enjoy Each Other


I feel so full of love

It’s almost as if

The universe broke up with me

And I’m crying about it

All the time.



I wonder if love

Is the sort of thing

That people actually believe in

Or if it’s like Santa Claus

and I’m a hopeful child

Waiting by the chimney



I think of love as a

Super power

That I wish I didn’t have

Like Spider-Man, except

No one takes my picture



I wish others understood

The depth and gravity

Of what I feel

If they did, maybe they’d

Stop being so mean, and maybe

Stop making each other insane



Do I wonder

If love if real

Except for when writing this poem


I just realized that

It isn’t



People pity each other.

Pitying fools, pitting

Lovers against lovers.

Why can’t we just

Enjoy each other



Do I wish that love

Was easier to follow,

Simpler to comprehend, or

More straight-forward.

Love, dear friend

Is the only subject

Worth studying in the end

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