I’ll admit I feel a bit

Entitled to more than what I’ve got

Does that make me bad?

I think it makes me

A survivor !

A creator

A visionary

A fake phony asshole

Blowing bologne out my butthole

Butt seriously–

I’ve been realizing

That most of what I see in others

Is what I see in me



Holy crap, y’all

I must be

The fucking WORST

What I see in y’all

Makes me wonder if the world has been cursed

I studied history, a bit

What I could stand of it

It’s all the same shit

Over and over and over again

Man establishes dominance

Over other man’s things

We somehow determine this

To be progress, or something.

Entitlement is a very celebrated trait, you see!

Why is the new generation

Being punished for our sense of


Why am I, deemed female

Feeling entitled

For thinking I could try

To be a man?

Why do I feel like being trans

Is a mutation of my accursed

Entitlement scheme?!

You know, the one young people are concocting

To make older people useless

Never mind the fact

That being a bloated whining self-loathing old coot

Makes you pretty fucking useless, as-is

I think maybe they’re just insecure

They don’t know how to empty their trash bin

Or understand what cc’cing is

But I don’t think it makes me entitled

To want to live freely, debt-free,

And without sin.


Maybe not

Completely without sin

Maybe leave a little sin in there

Or a whole lot

Ok so I want to sin


Why is my moral compass the one that needs tuning ?

Why not the straightie uptight fuckers

Teaching their kids to tie themselves in knots

I don’t think tradition

is a good rubric.

Seriously! though

I had a “very traditional upbringing”

And all it did was make me a sex addict

And a drug addict

And an anything addict

Searching for something to make sense

Of all of this

Addicted to everything

Because I was held in darkness

Now that I’m outside,

Everything blooms so vigorously

How am I supposed to feel?

Being in this big beautiful world

Free, but full of sin

Decades of guilt and shame

Burned into my skin

Acid rains perpetuating,

Re-applying the trauma whenever

It starts to fade.

I guess I’m just entitled

Entitled to feeling hope

Entitled to feeling free

Entitled to love

Entitled to air

Entitled to me

My sense of entitlement is the only thing that keeps me going

The only thing that makes my juices flow

If I wasn’t so entitled,

I wouldn’t know where else to go

But to work on myself

And strive for a better tomorrow

Because today is garbage

And we should all try

To feel entitled to something

Something better than all this sorrow

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