Convenient timing to talk about envy,

Don’t you think?

At a time when trans creators

Are in the limelight

Contrapoints seems to be

America’s Philosophy Tube–


Far better from the get-go

I think it’s funny

That the world listens to

Two white trans women

Who follow up their arguments

With traditional philosophy —

Men’s logic and reasoning

All while insisting that

There is no difference

Growing up a boy or a girl, other than

The overwhelming discomfort they felt.

I wish that I could limit

My envy

To penis– lmfao

I am envious

Of all the different kinds of denial

Society deems understandable

From an assigned male perspective–

I am envious of women

Whose femininity is practiced, polished

Performed and perfected–

I am envious of anyone

Who chose to be a woman, instead of

What I am–

Just some asshole

Who was born one, against his will.

Cursed to a demographic

That erases both

Trans men, as well as

Nonbinary masculinity, entirely.

It’s almost like I got sent

To the woke asylum, and

No matter what I say, no matter

What matters to me, people will call me

Some variation of a victim who can’t stop


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