Why is it that folks cheer on

Teams playing sports

They don’t play, in

States they don’t live in

and yet they’re totally

Ready and willing to vote to keep

Trans youth from living,

Ban them from playing with the other kids

Lest they get the idea to play for

Another team, in another state, you know–

Change how god made them.

I wonder how god feels about


Do you think they’re all living

According to his plan?

I know the genders aren’t teams but–

If that’s the case, then

Why all the tension around the changing?

If there are no privileges’ being lost or gained

Then there should be no harm nor foul in this game

Yet all I hear is evidence to the contrary.

Ahhh, who am I, just some weird artist person

I never competed in sports, or binary

I just try to live amongst all you jostling jocks

Going off on your “locker room talk”

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