Et tu, Testim?

C’mon man


To testosterone gel

I worked so hard to get to this point …!!

Unlike a rich motherfucker I had to

Transition my life in order to get this shit

I can’t afford to pay for it myself lmfao what the hell

But sure !!


Go ahead, body —

Develop an allergy.

Like it isn’t something

I had to fucking

Fight for— lmao yeah sure

I’ll just go back

To stabbing myself with needles

Getting skin infections and mood swings—

That shit was FINE. 🤣


I’m totally at peace

With not taking a medicine

I can’t afford

But I’m not at peace with being

Allergic to my method of choice.

It’s almost like when I discovered I am allergic to

Anti depressants, pain killers,

Cats, latex, and

So many other helpful comforts.


Hdbswkjshsjansishsjsjsbshshshdhs !!!!!

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