Everything Happens For A Reason/Roomba Life

Everything happens for a reason.

It’s the law of the universe!

The failproof logic that never errors, the

Loop of pain eternal.

Everything happens for a reason

Because if it didn’t– we’d all be

Overcome with grief and misery.

It’s the super-imposed

Flimsy, see-through film of a

Map that somehow

Rewrites itself so that

Whenever you feel lost, you say

“I need help!!!”, check the map

And see that you’re exactly where

You have always been, it’s the

Rationale that makes everything

A blessing, turns burdens into composting

When I was young I thought–

All of everything ya’ll say is fucking bullshit

God is dead and if she were alive she’d have nothing to do with this shit.

It’s true, but it’s also nonsense.

Everything happens for a reason

Even if you don’t like it, everything is the way that it is

Because you’re alive, and nobody chooses

Their life.

We just ride it, so to speak– there are

A lot of other poems and other songs about

The journey and yet I just think

Perhaps, everything happens for a reason

Because it has to.

You have to assign meaning where there is none

Or else you’ve got none, hun.

It’s a script, sure,

A hand-me-down, but

Try it on.

I think perhaps I’m more like a

Roomba than I thought, I have to

Run straight into a wall before I

Turn around. I often feel like my

My bumper fell off, because I feel too much,

And that my speed is too slow– since

It might take me a while but

Eventually I’ll figure out

How to get out from under this table, I just gotta keep

Ramming into this rolled-up carpet,

Until I feel stable.

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