Everything Should Be Covered By Insurance

IMO surgery grant funding

For trans people

Is bullshit

I don’t want to like, donate and share

For some overpriced nonsense

When what we should be doing

Is having GRS surgeries covered by

All plans, federal or private

When I was on Medicaid they paid for my testosterone

No problem.

They should do the same for GRS—

You should only have to pay a surgeons fee

If you haven’t met your deductible

On your private insurance plan.

That’s how these things should work

No trans resource anywhere talked about insurance details

And very few surgeons do the work they need to do

In order to make these surgeries available to everyone, because it’s more profitable.

That shouldn’t be allowed.

GRS should be ubiquitously covered

And surgical grants

Fundraisers, all of that

Should be a memory, not an infrastructure.

What happens to you if things don’t go as planned?

Another online fundraiser— you guessed it.

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