Excuses, Excuses

People who have

Never had to lose weight, who

Struggle to gain weight, struggle to

Exercise, struggle to pay attention

In class or at work or in other places—

The ADHD trolls of the internet

Without perspective on so much as

What their own asshole looks like—

These people are always

Laughing and chiding

All of the earths fat people

For not being able to have

The willpower or the discipline

To stick to a diet

They’ve never stuck to—

Or an exercise plan when

They’ve never even touched their fucking toes.

It’s almost a hilarious

As the nutritionist I met

Who has no obese family, no

Personal history of obesity, no

Obese friends, no obese wife, no obese kids—

And yet somehow

Felt the desire

To make his whole life about

Teaching obese people how to live, never once

Even considering

That he had been avoiding them his whole life

Patiently waiting for the opportunity

To make it his job

To patronize every fat person he meets—professionally—

For a rate of $350 a session.

Don’t you dare tell me he has no fat people

In his life because he fixed them—

The obesity epidemic is getting worse every day folks

None of what they’re doing his helping, and yet

Excuses, excuses are only ever

For fat mouths, excuses excuses

Are only ever applied to the party

Seen as wrong —

How many more years of science will it take

For people to consider that maybe

The excuses are coming

From the people claiming to help us.

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