Exist/Boogeymen/Evil Body Positive Activists Asking for “Special Rights”

You know what really,

Truly, doesn’t exist?

Punishment, social shame

Public disapproval

For people with eating disorders

That make them dangerously underweight.

Literally nobody cares about that problem–

You are constantly complimented.

People tell you to eat more

Nobody tells you

To kill yourself, nobody tells you

Your body makes them sick–

Nobody tells you

You should sign up for a surgery

That will cut most of your stomach out

That you will have to pay for

Out of pocket–

None of that happens

The groups of

Evil body positive activists

Begging for “special rights”–

Now that–

That really doesn’t exist.

But, alas–

Who am I

Just a boogeyman who got so mad

He almost went blind.

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