Fabletics will FUCK YOU UP

I seriously never knew a company could be like this

They be like

“Come buy here —

Lizzo works with us I mean

Don’t you want to be fabulous…?”

Yes…! And so does my girlfriend, but…

They try to get you to join their fucking club

That costs

$60 fucking dollars a fucking month

And gives you “credit”

Towards what you buy

But like


Some of us just want to buy trendy

Lizzo things for christmas

One fucking time

Not on a fucking subscription !!!!!!!!!

Then if you try and cancel

They’ll be like


For hours and hours and try to lure you into

Keeping the fucking

$60 fucking dollar fucking subscription

$60 fucking dollars…!!!!!!

For tights and sweatpants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck this shit to hell and back if you try and leave them

They will legit harass you

Don’t. Fuck. With. Fabletics.

They will never stop trying to charge you

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