Face It

If I put my face on this

Would it really make

That much of a difference?

I’m almost kind of sort of even

Starting to like my face, so it doesn’t really

Make me as anxious as it used to,

I don’t know what to do about this

My personal beliefs and morals state that I should

Keep the alias separate and keep my face

Out of this, mostly as a way to be

A safe haven from shallow mediocre

Image-obsessed LGBTQAI culture

I fucking hate how obsessed with

Image we all are, but seriously–

What difference would my face

Really make in this equation?

If you love it, then boom–

All of this is gone out the window.

If you hate it, then–

Who the fuck cares? My mission is still damaged

I don’t want to be a face, I want to be

A heartthrob


I want to be a pang in your heart

That you can’t explain

My face would only

Complicate things

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