Facts About Obesity/How Many In Your Circle Are Round…?/Avoidance


These are the available CDC statistics on obesity in America

This, relatively outdated statistic said that

42.4% of American adults are obese, from 2017-2018

And that the statistics on severe obesity–

The sort of obesity no one sees, because

People don’t leave their house–

Those statistics

Almost doubled–

From 4.7% to 9.2%

Because, you know–

Of all the of the successful

Societal interventions…!

All that fat shaming

Is really, really helping people

Lose weight!!!


Fucking stupid asshats

So bigoted they don’t even know

What they don’t know.

You can’t see an epidemic

That is shamed into staying home.


These statistics



So don’t blame the fucking pandemic

For your own weight anxiety–

The most popular thing nowadays is

Fearing weight gain more than fearing the virus itself.


Anyway, the covid rant

Is for a different time–

I’m here to talk about


Facts like

At least–

42.4% of Americans are obese.


Let me ask you a question–

Do you have

More than two fat friends…?

What about more than one?

Do you have


I’m not saying

People you work with–

I’m not saying

People at church, people at synagogue, people

You glare at around town–

I’m talking about

People you text when you are down–

People that you look to

For advice, for company, for

Healthy relationship patterns?

Do you have

More than one fat person

In your life

That call you friend…?

At 42.4%–

If you don’t–

You are avoiding them.


Is more than a third of the population.

Perhaps you don’t have two friends

To shake a stick at, let alone

Critique their body fat–

Is that because

You don’t know anyone, or is that because

You don’t respect them?

If you do have a fat friend–

Do you expect them to change, do you

Expect them to self-depreciate?

Do you see your time with them

As an excuse to “let go”

As an excuse to “overindulge”

Because you’re with your

Fat friend, of course–

This idiot doesn’t care about health–

Time to have some “fun”!

Fuck everyone.

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