Fag/Alpha Piece Anniversary– Reconsidering.

Somebody finds my

Fag/Alpha hate poem literally

Once or twice,

Every June, and no other time.

I just don’t like the relationship dynamic it’s not

Healthy at all it wouldn’t matter who it was.

Anyway, now I think I kind of understand it more.

To the ones who like it it’s hot as hell —

Fine. Enjoy your thrills.

Just do me a favor and

Be sure to treat each other well afterwards.

Also I’d be totally content being someone’s

Alpha and I think that’s the problem, I’m just

Mad about some of ya’lls criteria. Literally every single resource I’ve found

Is so shallow and supremacist-vibey. I really don’t like it.

Like I said before. I’m just impressed

By the traffic. Obviously ya’ll are into this shit

If you want to be my little subby cock fag–

Just let me know, aight.

I’m open to reconsidering.

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