Family Matters

The thing about family is that mine is

A bit strange and toxic, and

For the longest time I avoided them entirely

As much as I possibly could

And I went out and I met

People much more toxic than I thought

Could ever exist. Then I realized

Toxicity is really subjective, I mean

Not everyone is allergic to shellfish and peanuts and

Not everyone reacts to medicine the way I do and

Toxicity is a highly individual matter, one that involves

Self-reflection and accountability as well as

Mutual respect, even just within your own skin.

The more people I met in the world

The more I never wanted to let anybody in

Now I find comfort in my own kin simply because

Their dysfunction is familiar and kindred.

Tis that time of year again and honestly

Dealing with people worse than them

Has been the only helpful process.

Family matters. The matters don’t.

Sharing the same parents is some serious common ground.

I just wish I knew then

What I know now, but I’m also taking for granted

All of the work I’ve done

Rebuilding bridges both sides tore down.

I think I’d rather be a busy bee

Than an angry hermit, I’ve turned all of the pain

All the discomfort

Into motivation for what matters, respecting myself

Respecting my family

Respecting my past, present and future.

Reconciling with my bizarre “extended puberty”

Making peace with my journey

At the end of the day, family

Are the only people who stick around

When everything good goes away.

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