Family Secrets/Incest Pit

The thing I learned about dating a rich bitch

Is that no one in her family ever had a job

And had no plans to get one.

They didn’t even want her to get one.

The other thing is they didn’t want

Outsiders knowing

Anything about them

And they made up lies and stories

About everyone around them. Making

The entire world abusive

And them innocent.

All while they keep to themselves

And fuck each other

Physically, emotionally, all of it.

All the types of incest—

They’re doing it.

Thank god they stayed up at night with sleeping bags

So they can gangbang eachother in secret.

I will literally never willingly see you creatures ever again

Fucking insane deliverance shit.

I have too much going for me

Now that I’m away from the incest pit

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