Fantasy Worlds

I’ve been complaining a lot.

I forget to mention

The main reason for all the bitching–

I meet

So many trans people


Off the internet

Who are real

Who are not

Any of this nonsense

Some of these Contrapoints episodes and

All of the Rose of Dawn things

Are just fucking

Not based in real life problems

A twitter problem

Is not always a real life problem

It sometimes trickles down but

Rarely!! and if it does

People are often like


So and so got fired because of

X y z what do you think about

Cancel culture”

I don’t think about it

At fucking all

I think about things like

Whether or not I get fired at work.

Why am I mad?

I’m not fucking jealous–

I’m sick to death

Of the disparity between

IRL trans people

And what everybody else

Posts about

In their fucking fantasy worlds

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