Fat Acceptance Cannot and Will Never Happen, But Fat Exile Happens Daily

Not sure what articles like these are doing besides

Shouting from the rooftops that

You hate fat people and you are

Right to do so—


The “fat acceptance movement”

Does not, will not, cannot exist.

It’s impossible.

Human instinct from infancy is fatphobic

The reason fat people

Won’t shut up

About the way you all treat us

Is simply because it makes the problem worse

There is no relationship between body positivity

And obesity

Because frankly—

There is no such thing as body positivity!!

There is only obesity, and it’s rising rates

Thanks to the ever increasing onslaught of

Hate, shame and judgement. Forcing people

Inside their homes, on their butts, off the job

Hiding from a world that actively tries

To kill us.

Where the fuck

Is the fat acceptance happening ?!?!

Fucking show me !!!!!!

Anyone ?!?!?

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