“I Feel Fat”

Fat isn’t a feeling

Fat is not a friend

Fat is not going to kill you and

Without it you’d be dead

Fat is not skin

Fat is many things

Subcutaneous, visceral

Much like the kinds of experiences

I’ve had as an individual

People who are not fat

Have a bad day, feel miserable

Pooch out their stomach and blame

Their body for their brain chemistry as if

Fat can feel you hate it

As if it can feel your unwelcome hands

Pinching and longing for escape

It doesn’t matter if you’re

5lbs overweight or

500 or

40 pounds under—

Pinching, squeezing, hating, and shaming

Does not make fat go away.

Fat, as a feeling

Is something that you’ve decided

You can blame your

Depression on, fat

Isn’t even something seen

Only flesh, and abundance.

Last time I checked

If you see, or feel

Your own fat—

You need an ambulance.

Anyway, I digress

Next time you want to say

“I feel fat”

Just say something else, maybe try

Two steps closer to the truth

Even bloated would be better suited.

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