Fat Ass Ancestors/Body Positive Appropriation

I knew I needed fewer friends

When one of them called just to tell me

He had “gained weight”

Like it was something I was going

To celebrate.

It’s not like I spend

Most of my time

Talking about diet and exercise, cooking

Healthy meals at my own home on my own dime

Ranting and raving

Screaming and scribing

About how bigoted people are

About fat perspective—

He called me just to say

He’s gained weight

And ate a blueberry muffin

Like it was something I would

Celebrate, being

“Body positive”.

It was almost as annoying

As this fatphobic vegan bitch

Sending me a picture of pizza out of nowhere.

I have struggled with my weight

And my health

My entire fucking life

And you’re thinking of me

When you treat yourself

Like I’m some sort of Dionysus ?!

I wouldn’t celebrate

Your shallow lack of empathy

Your lack of subtlety

Your ignorant reduction of my life experience and philosophy—

I am body positive

Because I love myself

Not in spite of what has happened

But because of it

I am not seeking the freedom

To overindulge

I haven’t —

And I don’t !

I am seeking for the world

To stop assuming

That I’m “treating myself”

All the fucking time

Just because I’m fat.

Some of us

Aren’t fat

Because we ate—

Some of us

Are fat

Because of the way we’re made.

If you need proof

I have photographs

Of my fat ass ancestors

From 1880.

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