Fat Feeling, Feeling Fat

The real problem with fatphobia

And fat activism

Is that

To most people–

Fat activists might as well be


The majority of people


That fat activists are

Whiny, stupid babies

Incapable of dieting, who want

The world

To stop dieting with them.

I have,

For the record–

Never, ever suggested

Not dieting. Not exercising. Not living fully.

I want to understand

Why it is

That the public

Is educated about

The sensitivities we must all have

When talking to someone

With an eating disorder–

What about their eating disorder, their

Body dysmorphic disorder, gives them a free pass

To a sympathy

That an actual fat person

Is completely exempt?

Why is it that

Imagining being fat,

But not being fat–

Is something that we should all

Protect, nurture?

Why is fat

A feeling, to those

It least affects?

Why is my life, why is my cushing’s,

Why are my experiences,

My serious diseases–

Why are these second

To the ones that

A thin body imagines?

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