Fat in Public

Body positivity movement?


I haven’t experienced it

What is so revolutionary

What is so positive

What is so extra

About fat people


In public?

In private?

At all?

Let me know

What you all decide.

I have to wait, you see

My fat thoughts aren’t valid

I’ll be here

Showered in shame

Haunted by ridicule

You’re lucky I care about myself

At all, otherwise I’d just

Eat myself to death

Like y’all insist

I’m doing anyway

Go fuck yourselves,

You prejudiced


Ass-wipe aliens

I can’t wait for the sequel

When I’m dead, ascended

My sainthood is basically

Guaranteed in a few centuries

Old fat Becky

Theyqueen of the freaks

Showing his fat ass in public

No matter what anybody thinks

“But you’re not even that fat!”–

My therapist explains


Oh my god, lady

Ain’t no such fucking thing

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