Fat Is A Queer Issue

Fat is a queer issue

Queer behavior by definition

Is nonconformist

Fat bodies

Do not conform—


Fat is a queer issue.

My whole life, as a lesbian

As a non-binary person

As a transsexual man

As a transgender individual—

I have been tiptoed around

Because my fat—

Has always been seen as

A disqualifying component

Of my queerness.



Right?!? People insisting

That a body that doesn’t conform to society’s expectations

Isn’t queer—

I can’t even.

When I was a lesbian—

My fatness was always proof

Of “why I was a lesbian”—

You’re only a lesbian

Because no man would ever fuck you”


My favorite part of my

Journey through the queer community’s bigotry

Was my gender therapist

Saying “I don’t think you can trust

That you’re trans until we’ve solved

Your body image issues. Your weight

Will prevent you from passing anyway.

You need to lose weight

Before you transition, that way

We know this is about your gender—

Not your weight problem”

Or even better when

I came out to my mom

She asked—

“Now— you’re sure you aren’t doing this

Just to lose weight…?”

I think it’s important to mention

That I was never the one to bring up my weight

In this way

First. I would bring up my weight

As something I work on daily—

Something I have been trained to manage

Since I was a very small kid.

The only people

Wondering if my transgender identity

Was a weight-loss plan

Were the people who were

Unable to see me

As anything other than

A bag of weepy adipose shit.

Tell me again

How fat

Isn’t a queer issue—

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