Fat-Shaming Fetish/Motivation To Diet

As with all things

Unreasonably popular—

There is a fetish element.

People are like

“Why are mukbangs a thing?!

They’re disgusting. Nikocado Avocado

Is killing himself”

^^example a

“Have you seen Matt Stonie eat?!

He’s so skinny!! Where does it go?!

He must be so disciplined and active

On the down low” 🤣😂😅

^^example b

Ahhh yes, Matt Stonie—

The king of balance and moderation

Master of self discipline 🤣🤣🤣

Lmfao I can’t even.

It’s hot and attractive

Admirable and skilled

For a thin person to have appetite

For a thin person to binge eat

But when a fat person eats

It’s motivation to diet—

Motivation to stop binging.

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