“Fat Shaming Helped Me Lose Weight”

Referring to losing 120 lbs, Action Bronson said "I had to be shamed". Those of you who have lost lots of weight, how did fat-shaming affect your progress? from AskReddit

I see attitudes like this

All over the place

If you like or follow


Articles with this similar message

Pop up on a regular, daily basis

People are always more interested

In ideas that fit with their idea of what

Right and wrong is

Than they are of actual information

Or perspective outside of

A select few self-hating individuals

I don’t advocate for this sort of belief

Fat shaming never helped me

Fat shaming, combined with

Cushing’s syndrome

Is not helpful.

Cushing’s syndrome is an excess of cortisol

Caused by either medications or a tumor

It has nothing to do with


Or diet, or exercise

You have to have medical intervention

In order to thrive.

Perhaps what Action is leaving out


Of his bullshit idiot

“I’m a self-hating hillbilly

Who decided to lean into the click bait

And say what the people want to hear”

Is that he has a professional personal trainer


No job and no financial burdens

Also motivation

To be a celebrity

Or I guess maybe he already thinks he is one


I hate this narrative

I wish it would die

Or have some sort of legitimate repercussions

But sadly the only people who feel

The consequences of this rhetoric

Are fat people whose voices

You already disrespect.

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