Fat Spectrum

Gender has a spectrum

Sexuality has a spectrum

Autism has a spectrum

Fat– has a spectrum.

There are about

As many shades of fat

As there are gender, there are

About as many variations in

Weight distribution

As there are eye color

No two fat bodies are alike, just the same

As no two in-range bodies are the same–

Even twins~!


There are three main categories

That you can brute force chunk

Fat bodies into–

There are small fats, fats, and super-fats.

Small fats can shop at regular stores, they

Have regular jobs, they have friends–

They are small enough

To fit in public spaces without

Breaking anything in themselves, or

Anyone else.

Fats, a looser category–

Someone who can’t shop at most stores, but

Can shop at some. Has

Some limitations, but not others

Some public places and spaces are not a problem, but

This type of person is fat enough

To experience discrimination at work, at the doctor

In the hospital and around town, in public,

On a regular basis.

Super fat is the third category.

Super fat people

Can only shop at one or two places, before the internet at least–

Nowadays things are much better.

For example–

Duluth Trading Company advertises

Plus sized clothing for all bodies, all sizes–

They stop making pants

10 sizes before Walmart does.

If they make pants

For all sizes, clothes

For all bodies–

What kind of bodies does

Walmart know about that

Duluth doesn’t…?


I have been all three

A small fat, and a fat– and

A super fat.

I diet and exercise and I have

Lost and gained and lost and gained and

Since testosterone I have gained

A lot of weight, but not really

Much size, which is weird as fuck.

I think a lot of it has to do

With the health issues I’ve been dealing with–

The new medications are fucking crazy,

They all make me both bloated, dizzy

And nauseated

All the fucking time.

It’s awesome lmfao yeah right.


I am sick of pretending

That fat isn’t a spectrum of experience

I’ve lived the privileges of being even just

A smaller fat person and that

Honestly, was a cake walk

Compared to the other end of the spectrum.

No one cares or notices

Super fat existence–

Most of us are ostracized into hiding

Gilbert Grape was not as much a warning

As it was a window, and

To be honest, when I hear

Thin people talk about that movie

It’s like we watched

Different things entirely.

My whole family is fat and

I come from a long line of fatties, my

Great grandparents were fat

And the ones that came before them–

My grandma lived through the great depression

Working as a farmer

On canned goods and cattails

She was obese the whole fucking time

Eating off the land.

She died after she was misdiagnosed

By a doctor who insisted

She was a fat hypochondriac, but in reality

Had colon cancer.

Fatphobia is in my past, present, and

It will be in my future.

I’m just trying to see

Who I can help educate

To stop participating

In hatred, ostracization, and shaming

Of fat-bodied people.

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