Fat Trans Experience Vs Trans Fats— Who Will Win?!? /Seconds

If you google

“Fat trans experience”

The majority of results

You will get

Have to do with

Trans fats.

I get it, that’s how

SEO works!

The most likely match

Is what will show first.



Is not the only place

That confuses

Fat trans experience

With Trans fats —

It’s almost as if

In an effort

To cleanse America

Of its greatest shame—

Fat bodies !!—

We, as a society

All participate

In the erasure of the fat experience.

Not only will

Fat bodies be cut and sliced

Shamed and dieted until they are

The same as everyone else—

They will be silenced

On the internet, in person, in

Publications as well as

In self-help guides.

It is currently


A radical belief

To love your fat body.


Please !!

What is the standard for you all

For radical ?!

For me— it’s

Something or someone that makes a change


I suppose

In that way

All fat bodies are radical

Loved or not

Positive or negative

To have a fat body and to not

Cut out your stomach in protest

Is a

Radical belief set in 2021

And it will continue to be

In 2022, and so on—

But I digress

If you are

Unlucky enough

To be both

Fat and trans

You have a “simple” choice at hand

Survive erasure, persist

Fleeing from the other end of a pencil

All to be poked with the sharp end

By a theee year old at a bus stop—


Erase yourself


Never, ever talk about it

Never say it was hard

Never say you experienced

Any shame, any discrimination, any hardship

Spend the rest of your life

Pretending as if you don’t know

What happens if you have


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