Fat Women are Sexy

I’ve had sex with fat women before

So I know that it’s jealousy, you’re yelling at me

Fear of inadequacy

Terror and self-loathing hurling in the air

Complexes much deeper than your empathy

Women are soft and fleshy

No matter what their weight is

Being softer and fleshier

Makes my clit get real big

I love feeling big tits

enveloping me in their embrace

Boob-on-boob is my

Personal fave.

Nothing beats the way a big girl’s

Pussy gets put on display

Her butt, a fuck-shelf

Propping her up for

Easy play.

Oh, and don’t forget

The warm, tight

Sopping-wet paradise

Neighbored with thighs

Pulsing in response

To every delight

Goddamn, fat women are sexy–

Maybe that’s why

Other women don’t treat me

So nice.

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