Fatphobia Is Causing Young People To Rush To Have Top Surgery

Trans people are the less than 1%

We are a minority so small

And so powerless

That people want to kill us on sight

Knowing the historical lack of consequences.

What is powerful enough to convince young women and girls

To hate their bodies

To want to change, to want to live

As another sex? To escape the allure of womanhood?

Is it really trans people, trans rights activism

And nonbinary identities…?

Or is it fatphobia

The most widely held, pervasive and unchallenged cultural belief?

Breasts are seen as fat, men think

You can exercise breast tissue off of your body

They think their man titties

Are exactly the same as female titties, but that women are just

Fatter than them. If you don’t believe me

Just fucking ask one! Especially a gay one

It’s an easy belief to find in the wild, anyway–

What phenomenon is more powerful

What ideology is more shared, more instilled

More preached than that of

Fat bodies are sinful and must be cured!

If you are a young woman coming to terms with her body

In this increasingly fatphobic world

You are undoubtedly going to be relieved

To lose the weight of all the curve

To be free of the weight on your chest

That you feel you don’t deserve.


Which cultural belief is more widely held–

Fat people are disgusting, or

Trans identities are welcome in this world?

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