Fatphobia Is:

Fatphobia is

Telling a fat person

They need to lose weight, as if they don’t

Wake up everyday and pick it all up

Going to work, going to church, going to school.

Fatphobia is

That urge you have

To give a new diet tip

To the fat person you know

Would lose it all if they just knew.

Fatphobia is

The constant association

Of ignorance

With the fat body, the constant

Belittling of the fat perspective,

Fatphobia is

The omnipresent expectation

For the fat body to shrink

Into a more palatable package.

Fatphobia is

Treating a fat body

As less than, just because

Of your perspective.

It shouldn’t be that difficult

For a queer person to understand

The privileges of being thin,

The freedom that a thin body has–

Chief of which

The freedom to be

Fatphobic, and above correction.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve

Never lost more than 40lbs–

It doesn’t matter if you’ve

Never had an illness that

Damaged your metabolism, it doesn’t matter

None of it–

Fatphobia is

The oversimplification

Of weight, body, fat, and how to lose it

The oversimplification

Of my experience, of others’

Of the world of fat bodies

Screaming “I diet and exercise, but it doesn’t seem to work”

Of the chorus of doctors

Screaming “I hate my fat patients– they are non-compliant

Smell like shit, poop too much and

Don’t take care of themselves– how am I

Supposed to fix a fat fuck

Who won’t fix themselves?”

Fatphobia is

Experiencing that sentiment first-hand

Thin-privilege is everyone

Who has no idea what I’m talking about,

And wishes I would shut up, and go back

To talking about She-Ra.

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