Fatties In The Soup/+

In my great search

For trans perspective on the internet

I am constantly being

Bombarded with fatphobia.

It seems that

No one, not liberals

Not conservatives, not queers

Not dykes not faggots not trannies

None of the ies

Want anything to do

With the fatties.

No social group

Wants to take claim

Or to allow shelter to

Fat people, it’s even okay

To deny a guest an Airbnb

Due to their weight.


The Alphabet folks

Will never put an F in their soup

Perhaps that’s what the + is ?

But I’m sure it depends on who you ask.

Nobody wants

Fatties in their soup

Unless they’re at Panera bread lmfao

Even upperhandmars

Felt the need

To make a whole episode

About how stupid and weak and idiotic

Body positivity is—

What a stupid fat self loathing fuck!!

If only he knew

How much of a bitch he looks

In such a self-loathing fatphobic

Body dysmorphic parade of bigotry

Nothing says

“I was born a woman”

Quite like weight anxiety.


Fat people

Are nowhere near being accepted

By the queer community,

I have even had people contact me

About how they were on board

Until I started talking about

“The fat stuff”

The stuff that actually makes my life

Queer and isolated

The part of my experience in which

The discrimination is underestimated

I’m supposed to stop taking about it

Presumably because

It makes

The whole soup

Taste bad

When you let fatties in the soup

“Diluting the message”

“Making things anti-science”

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