Feminism is what now…?

So I’ve been on a mission for about eight months now

It’s going ok I guess, thanks for asking.

I’ve been searching for the kind of feminists that people hate. The kind that are parodied, mocked. Also the kind that protest trans people. I’m very curious about and mystified by these people.

They’re like, both not as bad as you think, and also somehow much worse. I like them, as long as I just don’t think about what they say at all. Admittedly, I’m too attracted to women to be able to fully hate any of them. It sucks.

I’ve been following all of their different pages ect. I’ve been reading their comments ect. I’ve been reading their manifestos.

It’s all been very confusing. I’m just not sure what the enemy here really is. They insist that the patriarchy is the root of all evil. I don’t disagree, but I don’t agree either. It isn’t that simple. Nothing is that simple.

I resent the idea that men are somehow unanimously evil and abusive, and that women are always victims. It takes women’s power away, and it is terrible to everyone to generalize like that. Men can be evil, so can women. Men can be incredible, so can women.

It’s all relative.

To me, gender is completely arbitrary. It is a random, spontaneous, and hugely variable. Where you fall on the spectrum greatly influences your perspective on these issues. If you fall somewhere in the middle, you see both sides. I empathize with men too much to be able to comprehend most of these radical feminist manifestos.

Now, if I went back in time and showed that last paragraph to my 18yo self, I would probably nod vigorously until the last part, where I would spit out my latte and piss myself. Empathize with men?! Haven’t they taken enough of your emotional labor, becky?!?!?

You know what isn’t arbitrary? How our society treats the different genders. Sexism is not arbitrary, not equal, and not made up. Women get a worse deal, socially and culturally. Unless, of course, you want to play by the most traditional rules of what women are allowed to be. Oh wait, even then you might get beat to death, or die in childbirth, or any of the other awful shit that can happen to you in life.

I suspect that radical feminists might be better off demanding respect, rather than demanding that others are disrespected. Who am I, to be so bold as to make a suggestion. I’m just some radical dyke he/she with zero plan. Technically, the feminists should take me in with open arms, but they don’t.

I’m not feminist enough, I guess.


There are a lot of terrible, disgusting, horrifying things in the world. Most of these things are done by men, it seems. Certainly no woman has impregnated a man in a coma. Men can’t get impregnated. It’s a real big game changer for them. Makes things different. Oh also women don’t usually invent weapons of mass destruction and use them on each other. They will, however, make you cry every single day on the bus. They will stab you with pencils and tell you you’re too fat to feel it.

We are all people. We are all humans. We’re all brains, trapped in flesh-suits trying to get to know other brains trapped in other flesh-suits. We all have needs, we all have wants, and we all have vices.

We’re all blue essences walking around without faces. Shroom sometime and tell me I’m wrong. I’m not.

I look like a radical feminist. I love like one. I live like one.

I am not even close to being one. Never have been. I get clumped with these people all the time, it’s the main reason I felt motivated to write an article about it. It’s the main reason I feel I need to defend myself, my beliefs and make a whole post about how I am not one.

I’m not sure what my closing statement is for this. It’s tough, spouting off your beliefs to the public. Holding yourself accountable for what you feel, think, and say enough to write it down, publish it. I guess I just wish that men would recognize the humanity in women as the same humanity they have. I wish that radical feminists would stop burning down the wrong buildings. I wish that men would stop impregnating comatose women who are incapable of consenting. I wish Brock Turner was still in jail.

What’s a they/them to do?

still feeling pretty blue…

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