Fickle Faith/Cis Hetero Allies vs. Cis Homo Allies

I’ve been attacking the concept of

Allies and allyship a lot lately

Mostly because

In my own experience

100% of my friends

Were “pro-trans rights”

LGBTQ+ community members who were

Waving flags at pride

And now

6 months after hormones

The only friends I have are my

Straight, cis Allies, and my

Drag-obsessed nonbinary friends–there are like

Two, and they are kind of

Also trans.

The straight cis hetero

Seemed to know

Exactly what to do

But all of my cis homo friends

Which were

The bulk of my friend group

I was a cis homo for a few decades or so

Have “cleared the air”, so to speak

I haven’t heard from them since

Before I started T, when I was

Dropping hints about changing my name

And talking about going to therapy

The moment I started questioning my gender–

They started questioning me!

They didn’t really stick around

To see if I was serious, they knew enough

I guess.

I’m sure once I start

Passing they will be

Insisting that they

Never had such

Fickle faith.

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