Fighting For the Right to be Right/Contemptuous Urges

This guy I met at coding school

Is a fucking


In a libertarian party

In Ohio.

He’s a chair.

He’s barely even 30

He worked for Uber since high school

Hates everyone with a college degree

But has an online business degree…?

His girlfriends mom forced her

To breakup with him

Because he got in a fight at thanksgiving

That made the family

Lock him out of their house he was being

So aggressive and in denial

Of his own behavior

He is leading other people lmfao

With political philosophy


Is why

I don’t talk much politics here.

I think you should all think for yourselves and

Vote however you like, but

Keep some things in mind—

The people who are fighting

For the right to be right

Are not the folks

You want on your side.

Those folks are

Everywhere, all the time

If you meet someone

Who convinces you that

The government is out to get everyone

And that the only real thing

You should worry about

Is not being fat and not being

A bad shot with a rifle—

You might have a lunatic

Empowering all of the most

Contemptuous urges

They have yet to regulate

Out of this country.

The same goes for the other side—

If you have someone

Who insists

Who constantly preaches

That anyone with an opinion

That “disrespects trans people”

Should be silenced

Globally, by every force

Known to humanity

I for one, enjoy

Changing people’s minds

IRL, and through

Discourse, but alas

If you aren’t able to respect

Anyone else’s opinion

On anything

For any reason—

Fighting for your beliefs

Has to be as aggressive as you can make it.

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