Fluids. So Many Fluids.

I experienced a miracle.

I can’t be anything but grateful

I felt my brain


And pump, pump pump pump pump

Cycling massive amounts of

Brain dump. I think perhaps

I had a spinal tap

In my mouth, the effects

Were so intense

I vomitted, then like

A snake from hell, a

Jet of perfectly symmectrical

Oil spheres

Erupted from my nose

My left nose, the side of my head

Where my psuedotumor was

The side that had hearing damage

The side that had the aura

The side that pulsed whenever I got headaches–

The headaches

That are now gone

The pain, that is now

Gone. The fluid

The runniness of my nose

The nonstop spinal fluid

From my empty sella

Running out of my nose

Is now dry as a bone

I feel

For the first time in my life


I feel,


I experienced symmetry

And the fluids flowed

From my brain

To my throat

Until a magic came from within me

And ejected my illness

Through my nose–

All while having

The most incredible jam session

Anyone has ever known

I am now whole, and honestly

I don’t know what else to do

Besides thrive

And prosper

Which is all I have planned

For the next century or two

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