Fly Over/Honestly

Straight up between the

Fatphobia and the

Media exposure and the

Zero-privacy policy

The internet enforces—

How can any of us

Expect to be free of outside influence

For our identities?

How could any single trans or non-binary person

Claim that they are somehow

Free from the trials and tribulations

Of being alive in this day and age?

How can anyone insist

That they were not motivated

By photos and silhouettes

To have top surgery…?

How reductionist and dismissive

Do some trans people have to be

In order to convince the rest of us

That they are who they say?

What’s so difficult about trans identities

That we can’t acknowledge

That the butterfly

Used to be a caterpillar

For the sake of the butterflies… what?


If someone makes you crawl

When you can fly —

Fly over them.

Yes, other people

Misgendering me with their behavior

Is transphobic, but

Trans people, universally

Seem to be the most willing

To tell you to get over everything

Not make a fuss, and

Play nice, so that

Everyone else can accept us —

I don’t want to be accepted, I want to

Exist, and be able to talk about it


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