Forcible Redirection/Who I Loved Back Then

From God himself presumably

Who else has the direct line to my nervous system

Oh right I guess that one surgeon…

Anyway, I have recently received an incredibly large and forceful amount

Of redirection

From god.

He told me “I got you bruh”

He gave me the courage to change and

He wants me to change again. Into someone

Other people can understand. He wants me to be

The light I am. He wants me to be him

He wants me to leave the person that doesn’t compliment me and

Meet myself for the first time.

He’s given me a very strong jolt

A very direct hit a

Really thick strong line and I have never been

So high.

I don’t know if it’s just me if it’s just that I know

She is coming. The one I need will find me and

If I have to do some creative signaling

I will do so. My heart has been holding

A drawn bow with an arrow waiting for permission to release

To the right one. With time I will be

Strong and blessed and ready to be who I loved back then

Back when I was shrouded in love instead of shrouded in shame

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