Fountain Kind of Soul

I have so much love and respect for my partner

It is easy to do this, she is loveable and respectable

I try not to talk about her much because

Her life is not your spectacle– neither is mine, honestly

Despite the evidence otherwise, but

I find her easy to love. I find most people

Easy to love. It makes me easy to take advantage of.

I’ve learned this about myself through past trials, past errors

I’ve matured and grown, loved, lost, learned and nurtured

I am more than just a person– I am a fountain kind of soul

I flow ferociously into those around me and I only notice

When they piss on me, which she never does.

That isn’t to say she coddles me, I’m just saying

She doesn’t treat me like someone she doesn’t know

She doesn’t splash through my waters like she isn’t

Walking through someone’s home–

She’s the only one like that so far, I’ve met

A lot of cool people and I have to say

I don’t like what most of them put in my water.

Fountains, after-all

Reuse the same water over and over

In circulation with some degree of filter

My filter broke after years of people

Throwing their two cents at me like I’m some sort of

Wishing well– and hey, man– piss off

That’s some other guy’s problem.

Now I’m upchucking pennies all the time–

I’ve become my own enemy.

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