From Binging On Marshmallows To Binging On Beef To Binging On Molly

People have more respect

For drug addicts

Than they do fat people.

Archer is a good example

Cocaine Pam

Is beloved.

Fat Pam— is derided.

My ex— another great example

Preaches about discipline and consistency

But the only consistent thing about her

Is her depression and anxiety

Which she self medicates

With Molly, booze, and contempt

Contempt for her body and contempt for other fat people

It never seems to matter

That she is fucking fat

That Molly, cocaine, uppers

Are unhealthy—

Because they’re uppers

They make you thin.

Anything that makes you thin

Is deemed healthy in the eyes

Of all the soulless idiots who don’t care

They think diabetes

Is something that affects everyone fat

Even if it was just their own binge eating marshmallows

Switched to binge eating beef

Switched to binge eating chicken

Switched to binge eating broccoli

Finally bringing it back

To binging on Molly—

I’ve seen this cow eat

Over a pound of hamburger

In one sitting

Multiple times weekly

And the party all weekend

Binging on alcohol and drugs

But she has discipline

Because her business model depends on it.

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