From Hypersexual to Prude– Testosterone Is Just A Hormone, Dude.

Of all the things

Testosterone has done, I never expected it

To make me a prude.

The more I transition, the more I start to notice

That I am more asexual than I previously cared to acknowledge.

If anything, pre-transition

I was hypersexual, compensating almost–

Feeling a horniness no person or video

Could ever vanquish, and yet now

Two years on testosterone– wondering where the time has gone

Also wondering

What the point of having this dick is

If I don’t want to lay it onto anyone in particular.

I am very sexually attracted to my girlfriend, but

I am more repulsed by hypersexuality

Than I’ve ever been in my life. I am not

Actually a prude, guys– jesus christ

I’m just a lot more prudish than I was

Before I felt like myself inside.

I can’t be the only person in the world

Who has desires that make them feel worse

But I do think I might be one of the lucky few

Who’ve been there, and got through it

Held out long enough to become

Almost prudish– losing interest in sex

With each testosterone dose I take I am

Less interested in pleasing others now that I have

Pleased myself, appeased my identity

Made the curtains match the drapes

Whatever the fuck kinda saying you want to read here–

Just go ahead and paste it.

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